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Mercury Updates

Restrictions for Mercury Products

Has your region restricted the sale or distribution of products containing mercury? An increasing number of Environmental Protection Agencies are restricting the sale or distribution of mercury switches, relays, and any products containing mercury switches and relays. In the map below, the shaded areas represent regions which currently have mercury restrictions in place. 

View/Print Larger Mercury Map (.pdf)

SJE Rhombus offers many mechanical alternatives for mercury switches.  If you need assistance in determining which mechanical switch you need, please refer to our Mercury-to-Mechanical Float Conversion Chart (.pdf) or contact us.

SJE Rhombus mechanical pump switches include:
SJE PumpMaster® pump switch
SJE PumpMaster® Plus pump switch
SJE PumpMaster® SPDT pump switch
Double Float® Master pump switch
SJE AmpMaster® pump switch
SJE VerticalMaster® pump switch
SJE MicroMaster® AC/DC pump switch
SJE MicroMaster® Plus WS pump switch

SJE-Rhombus mechanical control switches include:
SJE SignalMaster® control switch
SJE SignalMaster® SPDT control switch
SJE MilliAmpMaster™ control switch

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