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SJE MegaMaster™ (CSA) Control Float

Mechanically-Activated, Narrow-Angle Control Float Designed for Municipal Applications up to 1 Amp

The SJE MegaMaster­™ mechanically-activated, internally weighted control float switch is designed for municipal water and sewage applications, including applications with high grease content.

The internal switching mechanism has gold cross-point contacts for reliable control of current up to 1 Amp. The unique two-color float housing offers easy identification of float position. Common applications include lift stations, non-potable water, PLC (programmable logic controllers) and intrinsically safe applications.

Flotador de Control SJE MegaMaster™ (CSA)

Flotador de control de ángulo estrecho y activado mecánicamente. Diseñado para aplicaciones municipales de hasta 1 Amp.

El flotador de control SJE MegaMaster™ con peso interno y activado mecánicamente está diseñado para aplicaciones municipales de agua y alcantarillado, incluyendo aplicaciones con un gran contenido de grasa.

Cuenta con un sistema de contactos de puntos de cruce de oro para asegurar un control fiable en corrientes de hasta 1 Amp. La carcaza única de dos colores ofrece una fácil identificación de la posición de flotación. Las aplicaciones más comunes incluyen estaciones de bombeo, agua no potable, PLC (controladores lógicos programables) y aplicaciones de seguridad intrínseca.



SJE MegaMaster™ (CSA) Control Float


When wired as Normally (high level)
The control float turns on (closes) when the float tips slightly above horizontal signaling a high level, and turns off (opens) when the float drops slightly below horizontal.

When wired as Normally Closed (low level)
The control float turns on (closes) when the float tips slightly below horizontal signaling a low level, and turns off (opens) when the float tips slightly above horizontal. 


CSA Certified; CE Version Available

Five-Year Limited Warranty



SJE MegaMaster™ (CSA) Control Float


  • Mechanically-activated, internally weighted
  • Maximum Electric Load: 1 amp, 125 VAC
  • Minimum Electric Load: 1mA, 4 VDC
  • 3 wire cable - SPDT (Single Pole, Double Throw) can be wired as normally open or normally closed.  Wire color: Common (white), N.O. (black), N.C. (red).
  • Cable: 18 gauge, 3 conductor, SJOW
  • Activation angle is 10o above/below horizontal
  • Flexible SJOW, water-resistant (CPE) jacket
  • High impact, corrosion resistant, polypropylene float housing
  • Temperature rating up to 60oC (140oF)
  • Maximum water depth of 9 meters (30 feet) or 90 kPa (13 PSI)
  • Float dimensions: 10.2 cm diameter x 16.85 cm long (4.03 x 6.62 inch)

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