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NEX Series® Duplex Control Panels

NEX Series® Single Phase Duplex Control Panels

Single phase, duplex motor contactor control.

The NEX Series® duplex control panel is designed to alternately control two 120, 208, or 240 VAC single phase pumps in water and wastewater applications.  The alternating action equalizes pump wear.  In addition, this system provides override control should either pump fail.  If an alarm condition occurs, an alarm switch activates the audible/visual alarm system.  The compact design (25.4 x 20.32 x 10.16 cm) is ideal for residential applications.  Universal pump voltage and control/alarm power allow the NEX Series® panel to handle three voltages (120/208/240V single phase).  The innovative design of internal components and integral mounting tabs make installation quick and simple. 

NEX Series® Dúplex

Panel de Control Dúplex Monofásico

Panel de Control Compacto Monofásico, Dúplex con alternación y anulación de bombas

El panel de control NEX Series® dúplex está diseñado para controlar y alternar dos bombas monofásicas de 120, 208 ó 240 VAC en instalaciones de agua y aguas residuales.  Además de controlar la alternación de las bombas, este sistema proporciona un control de anulación si cualquiera de las bombas falla. Si se produce una condición de alarma, un interruptor de alarma (flotador) activa el sistema de alarma audible/visual.

El diseño compacto (25.40 X 20.32 X 10.16 cm) es ideal para aplicaciones residenciales.
El voltaje universal de bomba (s) y de control/alarma permiten al panel NEX Series® manejar tres voltajes (120/208/240V). El innovador diseño interno de los componentes y pestañas de montaje integradas hacen que la instalación sea rápida y sencilla.



NEX Series® Duplex Control Panels

Panel Components:

  • Enclosure measures 25.4 X 20.32 X 10.16 cm (10 x 8 x 4 inches) NEMA 4X (ultraviolet stabilized thermoplastic) for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Padlockable Latch
  • Integral Mounting Feet
  • Power Relays (not shown) controls pump by switching electrical lines.
  • HOA Switches for manual pump control.
  • Green Pump Run Indicator Lights
  • Field Wiring Terminal Blocks
  • Control/Alarm Fuses
  • Control/Alarm Power Indicator
  • Ground Lug
  • Circuit Breakers provide pump disconnect and branch circuit protection
  • Float Status Indicator Lights (Stop, Lead and Lag Float Status)
  • Elapsed Time Meters (Optional, not shown) provides individual pump run time in hours

Standard Alarm Package:

  • Red Alarm Beacon provides 360o visual check of alarm condition
  • Auxiliary Alarm Contacts (Form C) are provided for signaling an external device
  • Alarm Horn provides audible warning of alarm condition, 85 to 90 decibel rating (not shown)
  • Exterior Alarm Test/Normal/Silence Switch allows horn and light to be tested and horn to be silenced in an alarm condition.  Alarm automatically resets once alarm condition has been cleared (not shown)



NEX Series® Duplex Control Panels


  • Voltage Supply: 
    • Pump: 120/208/240V single phase, 50/60 Hz
    • Control/Alarm: 120/208/240V single phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Enclosure: 25.4 X 20.32 X 10.16 cm (10 x 8 x 4 inches), padlockable NEMA 4X (ultraviolet stabilized thermoplastic with integral mounting feet for outdoor or indoor use)
  • Float Control Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Pump Amps: 0-12 amps; 9-20 amps
  • Auxiliary Alarm Contacts: Form C, 5 amp, 120V Max.

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