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5HP - 250HP Constant Pressure Applications

The VARIOspeed® Variable Frequency Drive features a user friendly HMI interface and is designed for constant pressure applications up to 250HP.

The VARIOspeed® HMI variable frequency drive (VFD) is designed for constant pressure control applications, including booster pumps, deep well submersible pumps and irrigation pumps.

The VARIOspeed® HMI Drive has been factory pre-programmed for specific pressure control applications.  All relevant parameters are configured to match to provided pump data and system pressure requirements.

As the flow and head conditions change in the pumping system, the VARIOspeed® HMI Drive is able to automatically control the pump speed and maintain c constant discharge pressure.  The desired set pressure is set on the VFD keypad.  The pressure transducer measures the pump discharge pressure.








  • (208 - 240V) 5HP - 150HP
  • (380 - 480V) 5HP - 250HP
  • Models available for single phase or three phase voltage supply
  • UL Listed for single phase and three phase voltage supply
  • Energy optimization control


  • PID control
  • Adjustable electronic overload
  • 0-200 PSI transducer (4-20 mA signal)
  • Auto start on pressure drop (adjustable)
  • Auto stop on no-flow (sleep mode)
  • Pre-charge control (gradual pipe pressurization)
  • High and low pressure alarms
  • Automatic system restart
  • 12 digital inputs (may be used for low water alarm)
  • 3 analog inputs (may be used for suction transducer)
  • 2 relay outputs
  • 2 analog outputs
  • Modbus RTU communication (RS-485)
  • Mutiple pump control


  • Simple and user friendly display, keypad and Hand/Off/Auto switch

VARIOspeed® HMI VFD Operator Interface Screens


  • NEMA 3R outdoor rated control panels
  • Multiple transducer ranges available
  • Parameters are factory pre-programmed to your specific application
  • Line and load reactors
  • Duplex, triplex and 4-plex VFD systems with automatic alternation and lead/lag operation






For specifications on the VARIOspeed® HMI VFD, please contact the factory at 1-888-342-5753.


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