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It's about talent, integrity and innovation... Our greatest resource is our people! 

Welcome!  This section of our website will help you learn about SJE Rhombus, search for available positions and apply for those positions on-line.  You'll find all sorts of helpful information here, from details about our company culture to information on our benefits packages and more.

SJE Rhombus believes that employees drive our success.  We look for talented, motivated people who will continue our long-standing tradition of providing innovative products and exceptional customer service.  We understand that providing our employees with a great learning environment and the resources to continue to grow in their personal and professional development is critical to the success of our employees and our company.

Professional development programs available for most employees include the SJE Leadership Program, SJE Core Training (a structured classroom environment to learn and practice programs and culture valuable to SJE Rhombus), Education (one of our core values) and Promotion from within the company.

If you are interested in pursuing a career with SJE Rhombus, please review the following:


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